Wednesday, 9 April 2014


So if you have ever been to Thorpe park, especially when the trees are thin, you can see it from a very long while away; and even more so when you step onto the bridge you see the monster that is stealth. Even I on my first time i was nervous but it was amazing when you come off and see what you have just achieved.

(For everyone who hasn't been to Thorpe park, Stealth dominates the skyline of the island with a 205ft top hat. It is an intamin launched coaster that is powered by compressed air.) 

As I said in the introduction these are my golden rules to surviving a ride are the following...

1)  Take a step back and realize what your doing. Look its just a thing that moves around. You have probably been faster on the way there and a skyscraper is so much taller! You just sit down and it moves you around. That is all.

2)  Relax. Take a deep breath in and a deep breath out and step in the queue without hesitating. 

3) Don't linger. You will end up fighting with yourself and not go on it at all. Listen to your friend's advice and you will go on it in the end. 

Follow these rules, but you need to want to go on it. You will not go on anything you don't want to go on at all in the first place and if your not ready, don't worry. One question to ask yourself is "Will I regret this later?" I have known many a situation where someone doesn't go on a ride and consequently  regrets it later. Be honest with yourself and enjoy your time whilst it lasts.

Being more specific with stealth, these are what to do in the amity raceway arena (the ring of stealth). Watch it. It is over so quickly that even if you don't enjoy it (rare), it is over before you think. Count to ten. This will calm you down, but also think that in that time, you have launched, gone up, down, into the brakes and slowing. This can really put this into perspective and if you really are on the edge, sit down and cling on tight, after all, its eight seconds. You go admittedly fast, but because of that you forget about the height! 

One last thing - don't lie. To either a friend who is scared or you yourself. You will be happier if someone is dishonestly dragged onto a coaster, because from past experience, i know all about how a bruise may be to come. Staying calm is important. If you have a specific  method of staying calm try that, but if not, you can associate a nice but uncommon smell with being calm. It sound crazy but hear me out. You can sniff this smell every time you are calm and relaxed (the point you want to be at now) and then your brain associates that smell with relaxation. This also works with taste and sounds, but they HAVE to be uncommon. You  don't want to use it too much or you will be unconsciously immune to the symptoms.   

Good luck and have fun coastering,

Ben - OUT 

Tuesday, 8 April 2014


One 'series', if you can call it that, is a HOW TO SURVIVE [insert ride here]. I will have to drag friends onto roller coasters that they will inevitably enjoy, but i can't get them to ride straight away. I have to say that the majority of people I persuade, do eventually go on the ride, but I want to share my hints and tips for either if your friend is being persuaded on or you yourself.
I am going to start off with Thorpe Park but most rides have a similar set of tips to get you through. Bearing in mind that i will only do rides that i have been on, butt if you want to go on another, my 3 golden rules will be posted on each blog. 

Goodbye and have fun coastering! 

Wednesday, 2 April 2014


    Hello and Welcome to UkRollercoasterReview and this is my Blog. I am a roller-coaster enthusiast that lives in the southeast of England, so not have been to have been to any of the northern parks (excluding Alton Towers) Don't get me wrong, i would love to go there, but I haven't had the chance to get there so far!

   But I digress, this is my blog dedicated to All information towards to UK and their amazing range of theme parks and roller-coasters. I will be doing on-line walkthroughs, Reviews and top 10 lists. Stay tuned for more!